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Our aim is to break free from the traditional methods, in which the learner must adapt to the method and offer dynamic tools tailored to each individual learning style via digital solutions.

The power of languages in your pocket

You can use our apps with your smartphone or computer. Learn on the go. Discover the language at your own pace anytime from anywhere.

Learning materials

This system can adjust to any learning materials you are using to learn German. You choose the materials you like; we’ll offer you the method that best adapts to your learning style.

see what users are saying?

The great advantage is that it makes it a lot more bearable to learn such complicated topics.


For those of us with a visual memory, the method is quite effective. It improved my German from day 1.


Learning declension with this method helped me a lot and made my learning journey so much easier and enjoyable.


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We are a start-up in the EdTech field that creates apps for helping language learners worldwide understand, practice and learn specific and usually difficult aspects of a given language in a faster, more efficient and fun way with methods that adapt to their learning styles (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic)

— Glot Learning Team

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Laura Rodríguez O'Dwyer

Language Method Creator| Linguist


Augusto Montagna

Systems Engineer

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